Co-constructing a culturally and linguistically sustaining, Te Tiriti -based Ako framework for socio-emotional wellbeing in education: A collaborative project among teachers, whānau, hapū and iwi to enable a holistic approach to education.

Funding year: 
2 years
University of Canterbury
School sector
Project start date: 
January 2019
Project end date: 
March 2021
Principal investigator(s): 
Professor. Letitia Fickel
Research team members: 
Dr. Rachel Martin, Dr. Veronica O’Toole and Dr. Amanda Denston, University of Canterbury
Research partners: 
Simon Scott, Hornby High School;Kate Mclachlan, Hornby Primary School; Liz Brown, Taumutu Rūnanga

This project will develop a co-constructed transferable framework of culturally and linguistically sustaining socio-emotional learning (SEL) pedagogies among teachers, students, whānau, iwi, hapū and community. It will enable teachers to develop and integrate these SEL strategies within their teaching and learning programmes that enhance support for the identities, languages and cultures of their students. This will be achieved through a participatory action research methodology aligned with and mutually informed by Kaupapa Māori Research methodologies. The project outcomes will be suitable for SEL in family and community contexts, and inclusive of the bicultural context of Aotearoa New Zealand.