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Spotlight on tertiary years TLRI Research

On 22 November we held a symposium to explore what we have learnt about teaching and learning in the tertiary sector through the collective work of the TLRI. The aim was to look at the knowledge that has been generated, how it has been used and where the gaps and next priorities lie.

Nick Zepke and Linda Leach of Massey University were commissioned to review the TLRI projects that have been carried out in the tertiary sector to date. A response was made to their paper from Ako Aotearoa. A summary of the discussion at the symposium is also available.

TLRI research involvement gets teachers thinking

Chris Linsell's 'Teaching Algebra Conceptually in Years 9 and 10' TLRI  project has  given three teachers at St Hilda's Collegiate in Dunedin plenty to think about.

TLRI research stimulates ideas and questions

Paul Enright, head of social sciences at Logan Park High School, talks about his involvement in a TLRI project  'Thinking Historically: The role of NCEA research projects in motivating history students to develop disciplinary expertise.'


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