Apply for funding

Expressions of Interest for the 2014 funding round have now closed.

How can I apply?

TLRI Programme Director Robyn Baker has some advice for people who are thinking about putting in a TLRI proposal.



The TLRI is focused on developing new knowledge about teaching and learning that is useful to practice and on raising research capacity and capability in all sectors. Since a formal review conducted in 2007 we have sought to provide more support around research content and process for people making proposals. We have aimed to ensure that while partnerships are central to TLRI project design they are not the key driver for the design of the research question(s) and methodology. These ideas were developed more fully in a paper that is on the TLRI website: Developing new knowledge and practice through teacher-researcher partnerships?
We have also undertaken a series of reviews designed to shed light on the contribution of TLRI projects to building knowledge about teaching and learning and these can be found in the Backgound Papers.

Partnerships between researchers and teachers

To be eligible for the fund, proposals need to come from partnerships involving teachers and researchers. In the context of the TLRI, teachers are defined as education and training practitioners. The category of education and training practitioners may include, but is not limited to: teachers in kindergartens, early childhood centres, kōhanga reo and Pasifika language nests; teachers in kura, primary, intermediate, and secondary schools; and lecturers, tutors, and trainers working in postschool settings such as universities, wānanga, polytechnics, private training establishments (PTEs), industry training organisations (ITOs) and workplace settings. The TLRI is open to researchers working in organisations (e.g., tertiary institutions) or working independently. However, the TLRI will not enter into contracts with individuals, requiring that contracts be with incorporated societies or similar legal entities. Staff members of the Ministry of Education or other government departments are not eligible to apply.