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Dr Roseanna Bourke, Victoria University and Professor John O'Neill Massey University The impact of children’s everyday learning on teaching and learning in classrooms and across schools
Chris Eames, University of Waikato and Claudio Aguayo, Auckland University of Technology Using mobile learning in free-choice educational settings to enhance ecological literacy
Assoc. Professor Martin East Enhancing the intercultural capability of students of additional languages in New Zealand’s intermediate schools
Lisa Emerson and Ken Kilpin Transforming information literacy space(s) to support student learning
Jane Furness and Judy Hunter Using a wellbeing framework to recognise, value and enhance the broad range of outcomes for learners in adult literacy and numeracy programmes
Assoc. Professor Lexie Grudnoff Teaching for Equity: How do we do it?
Sasha Matthewman Tuhia ki te Ao - Write to the natural world
Professor Judy Parr and Dr Murray Gadd Generating positive outcomes by Year 5 to 8 priority learners in writing: An inquiry into effective teacher practice
Dr Daphne Rickson The Relationship between Participation in Singing Programmes and Student Well-Being in a Christchurch Primary School
Elizabeth Schaughency and Elaine Reese (University of Otago) Supporting Teaching and Learning in Home-Based Early Childhood Education
Jayne White Age-responsive pedagogies: ‘Preschool’ ECE teachers interrogate their dialogues with and about two-year-olds
Noeline Wright and Rachel McNae An Architecture of Ownership: Students and teachers forging agentic identities in an innovative learning environment
Dr Caroline Yoon and John Moala Making mathematical thinking visible