Early years request for proposal (RFP)

The Teaching and Learning Research Initiative (TLRI) has released its first-ever Request for Proposal (RFP), targeting the early years.
Proposals are being sought now, with applications open until Wednesday 15 August 2012.

The RFP is called Supporting learning in the early years – developing deeper understandings for practice. The proposal should have a focus on learning in more than one language in the early years or learning with ICT or a combination of these ideas. The RFP is for up to $150,000 a year for two years.

The TLRI is a government research fund designed to support student learning through:

  • Building a cumulative body of knowledge linking teaching and learning
  •  Enhancing the links between education research and teaching practices, and between researchers and teachers, across the education sectors
  • Growing research capability and capacity in the areas of teaching and learning

Proposals for TLRI funding are sought each year. The RFP is in addition to the normal funding process.

Why are we introducing an RFP?

The decision was made by the TLRI Advisory Board and aims to further strengthen the contribution the programme makes to supporting learning. We commissioned in-depth reviews exploring the TLRI work to date in the early years and in the tertiary sector, and we held symposiums to discuss and build on the review papers. The RFP enables us to seek deeper explorations of key strategic issues identified within each sector. This early years RFP is the first one and we may look at further RFPs in future years.

To find out more or apply go to Request for Proposal