Researchers needed for 2021 selection panel

The New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) coordinates the TLRI on behalf of the Ministry of Education. This year the $1.5 million fund is prioritising the following areas:

  • Research on topics of strategic importance within the early childhood education (ECE) and/or compulsory school sectors. 
  • Research that supports success for Māori learners as Māori in any sector. 
  • Research that supports success for Pacific learners in any sector. 

Since 2020 there have been two pathways for proposals that support success for Māori learners. These projects can be submitted via the open pathway or via Whatua tū aka, the kaupapa Māori pathway. The funding is allocated using a two stage process. Applicants submit an Expression of Interest at Stage 1. A shortlist of applicants is then invited to submit a Full Proposal at Stage 2. 

Apply to be on the selection panel by Friday 4 June

NZCER and the TLRI Advisory Board welcomes any researchers interested in being on the open pathway Full Proposal selection panel in 2021 to apply by Friday 4 June. You must not be submitting a proposal yourself in the 2021 TLRI funding round (as either a Principal Investigator or team member) or be involved in preparing a proposal.

Send your application by email to Please include a 1-page profile of your relevant expertise including research interests. You must also confirm your availability for key dates in September (see below). 

We seek a diverse panel that includes those with:

  • expertise in research into teaching and learning and in specialty areas particularly relevant to the mix of shortlisted proposals
  • expertise in research methods
  • expertise in kaupapa Māori research
  • expertise in Pacific education and research.

We also seek a panel that:

  • includes those with previous panel experience and those who are new to the role
  • has cultural and gender diversity
  • has representation from multiple institutions.

Key dates

15 June  The TLRI Advisory Board will make its final decision on the composition of the panel.
30 June  The panel will be confirmed and all researchers who self-nominated will be notified.
1–21 September
Panellists must have 2 to 3 days available to assess proposals.
22-23 September  Panellists must be available to attend a meeting in Wellington. (Travel and accommodation are arranged by NZCER, and panel members are paid a daily fee.)