Rethinking health and physical education

The University of Waikato invites classroom teachers and senior management to a seminar to explore how change in the way health and physical education (HPE) is conceptualised can support both teachers and children to have positive and meaningful experiences in the HPE learning area and across the curriculum.
Two seminars will run:
The first on Thursday 8 November will focus on  Knighton Normal School and will be presented by  Shane Keown and Joel Devcich (two teachers from Knighton Normal School) and Kirsten Petrie. (The University of Waikato)
The second on Thursday 15 November will focus on Maungatapu Primary School and will be presented by  Joanne Naera and Deirdre Duggan (two teachers from Maungatapu Primary School) and Marg Cosgriff. (The University of Waikato)
Presenters of both seminars will discuss what supported them in their development of aspirational and critical reflexive practice in health and physical education.. They will present examples of how practicing innovative curriculum has shifted not only what is taught but also how we think and teach.

For further information please contact Marg Cosgriff  or  Kirsten Petrie
The presenters have been working together with colleagues from Hamilton and the University of Otago for the last 18 months on the  TLRI project Every-body counts? Understanding health and physical education in the primary school.