TLRI to issue a request for proposals (RFP)

TLRI Programme Director Robyn Baker explains the decision to introduce an RFP process for some TLRI Funding

This year we are introducing a new strand to the TLRI in the form of a request for proposals (RFP).

We are doing this after a two-year review process. We commissioned in-depth  reviews  of TLRI work in the early childhood and tertiary sectors, each exploring the contribution  the TLRI has made to teaching and learning. In each case symposiums were held to discuss and build on the review papers.

As a central aim of the TLRI is to build cumulative knowledge about teaching and learning we have decided to explicitly build on these reviews and to seek deeper explorations of key strategic issues within each sector. This year we will be releasing a request for proposals (RFP)  in the early years. There may also be an RFP in the tertiary area, with that decision to be made by the TLRI Advisory Board in late April. Projects funded under the RFP strand will be for $150,000 a year, for two years.

In the next two months we will be working with leaders in the research community to prepare the early childhood education RFP, and if decided, the tertiary RFP, to be released in late May. Applications will be due on Wednesday 15 August.

The introduction of RFPs does not affect the current round of calling for Expressions of Interest, as the TLRI continues to place a high value on projects generated collaboratively by researchers and practitioners.  We will not be making a call for Category A funded three-year projects, as the funds allocated to these projects in the past will now support the work won through the RFP process.