TLRI research involvement gets teachers thinking

Chris Linsell's 'Teaching Algebra Conceptually in Years 9 and 10' TLRI  project has  given three teachers at St Hilda's Collegiate in Dunedin plenty to think about.

Head of mathematics Anna Cox says that being part of the algebra project has ensured that she's thinking about how students are learning and how teachers are delivering the curriculum and meeting the needs of all the learners in the class.

"And  some really valuable discussions in the department have sprung from our TLRI workshops and meetings. Thinking about the activities we use, the language and the rigour that we use with our note work, board work, and examples with the students - how those all impact on their learning. So it's actually been really valuable professional development for the whole department."


More about this can be found on TKI Te kete Ipurangi:

Chris Linsell's project  has now been completed and is working on his project summary. Chris is also in the process of developing his own website specifically for teachers, drawing on this project.